Look Ahead – Q2 2024

April – June

As we move into Spring, the Gravity site will become more active as we transition into delivery, the two landowners at the Gravity smart campus, This is Gravity (TIG) and Agratas will coordinate and jointly communicate where possible.

Site works

  • The work to recycle concrete from the site and crush it for re-use will continue. 
  • In line with our material management strategy the import of recycled aggregate from the Hinkley C connection resumed in March.
  • The import of aggregate to meet occupier needs as required will continue.
  • TIG contractors will be monitoring the new landscaping on the link road and replacing as necessary.
  • In preparation for the construction phase, we are installing environmental monitoring equipment to report on noise and air conditions.
  • The campus approach to reuse and recycling seeks to reduce traffic movements.
  • Consultant site visits and ground investigations will also take place. 
  • TIG archaeology investigations will take place on part of the site outside of the original ROF fence in late April/early May for about 12 weeks. 
  • Test piling for Agratas began on March 26th, it will take place for short periods throughout the day (08:00 – 18:00), Monday to Friday, measures to keep noise to a minimum and to limit excess dust on site by using water tankers if conditions are dry. Test piling will last for approximately three weeks.
  • Piling will commence once the test piling has been completed with the final piles designed. Further information on this will be provided by Agratas.

Other matters

  • Agratas will be hosting a series of public drop-in events between April 27 and May 2. Event leaflets have been shared, updates communicated via Agratas’ WhatsApp channel and information listed on Puriton and Woolavington Parish Council websites. Click here for further information about the Bridgwater event on April 30.
  • Multiple LDO compliance submissions will be progressed in the coming months for various uses across the site.
  • TIG will continue with its work to replace the leisure facilities currently hosted by the 37 Club. Plans for the new facility are on display at the current 37 Club.
  • Submissions to Somerset Council and other regulators on planning and technical matters will continue as appropriate.


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