Gravity’s New ‘37’ Confirmed

Gravity’s New ‘37’ Confirmed

This is Gravity Ltd has confirmed that it will be replacing the leisure facilities currently hosted at the 37 Club at the former Royal Ordnance Factory, on the new Gravity smart campus. The new leisure facility will be open to the public as well as the campus workforce.

Martin Bellamy, Chairman and CEO of Gravity, said: ‘After very careful consideration, we have agreed that the replacement of the core 37 club facilities, should remain on the Gravity smart campus site. We believe this is important for historic reasons to ensure an ongoing legacy from the former ROF facility and to ensure the leisure facilities remain immediately accessible to the villages and communities adjoining the campus’.

A meeting was held with the members and community to discuss initial plans. These plans have been revised to take on board the views expressed, and the plans will be displayed at the 37 club for member information over the coming weeks.

The name of the new facility has not yet been agreed and we welcome member feedback on this: our working title is ‘The 37’.

The new facility will be directly connected to the Village Enhancement Scheme – a walking and cycling route to connect Puriton and Woolavington villages and will include a café, bar, skittles and snooker facilities and will be open to the community during the day and at weekends.

A planning compliance submission under the Gravity Local Development Order (LDO) will be made to the Council in April and we anticipate work will start work in the summer and the new facility will be open early in the new year.

All skittles bookings will be honoured and moved across and we will work with staff, members and the community to manage the change.

Pete Bamber, current tenant of the 37 Club confirmed ‘I will be working closely with the Gravity team to ensure a smooth transition’.  

The current building, originally intended as a temporary, has consent for demolition as part of the campus LDO, resulting in an obligation to replace the facilities to ensure leisure facilities are retained.

We hope that the new 37 will be open to both existing and new customers to sustain it into the future.

About Gravity

Gravity is the UK’s leading strategic smart campus, anchored by the 40Gwh Agratas Gigafactory. It is now a catalyst for economic transformation across the South West. Delivering the campus will support transport decarbonisation and fast-track the UK’s electrification goals.

Gravity is at the heart of an innovation ecosystem and is the platform of choice to stimulate home-grown advanced battery manufacturing, it offers unrivalled connectivity, planning flexibility and access to world-class assets and talent pool with expertise in research and development in clean growth – underpinning the ability to serve a multitude of customers across all sectors in the transition to a net zero economy.

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