Key Facts

  • 635 acres – almost 1 square mile
  • Plot sizes can accommodate up to 7,500,000 sq ft / 696,000 sq m
  • Direct access to the M5 J23
  • On-site freight and passenger rail terminals.
  • Proximity to Exeter &  Bristol’s international airport, and Bristol deep seaport.

  • Dark fibre connectivity
  • Bespoke renewable and low-carbon on-site energy solutions.
  • Set to create c. 4,000 jobs and contribute c.£500m to the local economy 
  • Designated Enterprise Zone until 2042
  • Set within a high-quality natural environment 
  • State-of-the-art facilities for work, play and living
  • At the heart of the Great South West
  • Excellent transport links for planes, trains, automobiles… and shipping. Not to mention self-drive shuttles and cars, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways
  • Gravity will be a centre for clean growth, employment and the talent and technology of the future.
  • Set to become an innovation micro-climate for the South West of England
  • Dark Fibre – offering organisations speed, performance & security
  • Access to futuristic smart technologies that are environmentally sustainable
  • Business rates and tax relief – up to 100% business rate discount over 5 yrs
  • Water abstraction facilities from the adjacent purpose-built River Huntspill
  • Bespoke renewable and low-carbon on-site energy solutions.
  • April 2017 – Enterprise Zone status activated
  • November 2017 – Acquisition of site by Gravity
  • June 2019 – First tenant signed and E.ON appointed energy partner
  • July 2019 – Start of transport improvement works
  • December 2019 – Completion of remediation works
  • Summer 2020 – Site opens for construction 
  • Autumn 2020 – Completion of Link Road 


Strategically located in the South West of the UK and connected by road, rail, deep sea port and international airports, Gravity has unrivalled connectivity and benefits from access to a world-class regional talent pool with expertise in innovation and Clean Growth sectors.

Gravity – reducing your carbon footprint

We are proud to be designing and operating one of the most sustainable innovation campuses in Europe.

At Gravity, you can make a clear statement to customers that you are reducing the impact your business has on the environment by operating in a low-carbon campus. 

Not only that, you are also part of the UK’s only campus attracting like-minded businesses and people that share our vision of healthier and happier places to live and work and who want to lower the amount they spend on energy.

From low-cost, low-carbon power generators to more efficient farms; from innovators creating better batteries to the factories putting them in less polluting cars; from builders improving our homes so they are cheaper to run to helping businesses become more productive.

Clean Growth sectors

Shifting to a cleaner economy is the only way, as a nation, to meet the UK’s targets to reduce greenhouse gases. The UK Government’s strategy includes the following as areas of opportunity:


The power sector has seen the largest fall in emissions since the 1990’s, however there is still opportunity to develop technologies, more efficient operational systems and explore new clean fuels.


By 2040, the UK government plans to end the sale of all new conventional petrol and diesel cars with demands from other EU countries more aggressive.

Business, Industry and Homes
There is a growing demand for energy efficient buildings requiring building infrastructure improvements, smart energy systems and innovative construction materials.
Business, Industry and Homes

There are opportunities to enhance value from natural resource from landfill gas capture, improved energy recovery processes and recycling technologies

Green Finance

The UK’s financial position is growing from strength to strength with opportunities in green bond market and green mortgages
Green Finance

Land Use

Improving the productivity of agricultural land via more effective technologies, fertilisation and robotics, increases carbon storage and aids requirements to support food production
Land Use


Future on-site business sectors

Achieving these targets is a reality if we start to develop and invest in Clean Growth sectors and collaborate to drive forward innovation. Gravity offers a pan-sector home and support for businesses who are committed to sustainable economic growth and for those which provide solutions in the form of components, platforms, goods or services across the following areas:

Low Carbon Energy Generation

Electric Vehicle

Data & Digital Economy

Robotics & AI

Advanced Manufacturing & Manufacturing


Research & Development

Great Britain. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy., (2017). Clean Growth strategy [online].
London: Department for business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. [Viewed 15 July 2018]. Available here

Did you know?


Starting from a position of strength, the powerful mix of infrastructure and regional talent in the Clean Growth sector allows Gravity to establish an innovation hub.

Collaboration driven by physical proximity

Enabled by on-site partnerships connecting great minds, technology and like-minded, co-located businesses, Gravity will be a home for game changing ideas and innovation.

Access to a world class talent pool

Strategically located within a region of world-class universities and education centres with Clean Growth focused research strengths, Gravity will be powered by regional expertise enabling innovation.

Doing smart business

Through knowledge sharing, cross pollination and ease of access to supply networks within Gravity and across the region, there will be opportunities to deliver cost and time effective R&D linkages, development and application.

Flexibility for the future

Gravity will be an agile place that is able to support tomorrow’s workforce which is constantly re-thinking, re-imagining and re-defining the future with building and space demands to match.

Our Mission

A Smart Campus that delivers a new era of possibility, where companies make a difference socially, economically and environmentally

Our Story

The site was once a thriving employment hub with a strong community spirit. Gravity will rekindle this ethos through the development of a place that is continually evolving, catering for tomorrow’s workforce whilst protecting the climate and environment.

Challenging the way we work, live and play

Salamanca Group has a track record in developing commercial real estate outside of the UK, yet they always aspired to create a flagship development in the UK. One that would bring together some of the greatest business minds to solve some of the biggest economic and environmental challenges we are facing and enhance the economic growth of the South West of England as well as the UK.

Salamanca wanted to build more than just bricks and mortar packaged up as an enterprise hub. They had a vision of building a forward-thinking sustainable, energy efficient and high-performing campus with a sense of community and set about finding the perfect location.

In 2017 This is Gravity Ltd was formed to bring the vision to reality. 

Building on history and moving toward a sustainable future

For over sixty years during the 20th Century, the Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgwater was based on the site. During this period, it was a significant production facility through wartime and peace.  Social clubs, sports teams and community events were the norm.

Building on its manufacturing past, buzz of activity and community spirit, Gravity will once again become an employment hub supporting an active ecosystem of businesses in a desirable environment.

Our Identity

Inspired by the force that attracts a body towards any other physical body that has mass, Gravity is an ever-evolving ecosystem – a place that constantly re-thinks, re-imagines and re-defines ways of working.

This vision is embodied at the heart of our brand through our living algorithm – an intelligent data visualisation shaped by the natural and human world around the site. Our identity will evolve with the site through time and be a living representation of the energy and innovation on campus.

Gravity provides a new era of possibility and opportunity to make a difference. Gravity is the future, naturally.


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Doing smart business

Enabled by on-site partnerships connecting great minds, technology and like-minded, co-located businesses, Gravity will be a home for game changing ideas and innovation.

  • Since 1990, the UK has cut emissions faster (42%) than any other G7 nation 1
  • Bristol is the UK's Green Capital, and the site is a mere 50-minute commute from the city 2
  • In 2020, the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion at the University of Bath will open to develop ultra-low emissions vehicles 3