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A world class destination, powered by opportunity, people and place.


Innovative, collaborative and forward-thinking, Gravity is part of an eco-system that plays a critical role in supporting UK’s response to major challenges facing the world today.

Based just two hours from London, the network spans England’s South West and the corridor from Cardiff to Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Swindon. Together, it has world-leading expertise in science and technology and a track record of delivery acraoss a swathe of sectors which shape how we live, travel and work.

The region has the UK’s largest aerospace sector¹ with companies including Airbus, Boeing and Rolls Royce operating here.

We have access to talent, with world class universities and colleges providing a pipeline of skilled staff to meet employers’ needs. With more than 66m people living in UK, we have access to a major market supporting the world’s fifth largest economy.

And the location is frequently recognised as the UK’s best place to live, work and learn.

Taken together, this destination offers the best of all worlds. We provide access to a ready workforce and positive disruptors. We connect local, national and international markets. And we offer a great quality of life, culture, education and health provision.

Our mission to create thousands of high-quality jobs at a new centre for clean growth is connected to and supported by our region’s innovative, collaborative spirt.

We are committed to a better way to do business, that provides a platform for clean inclusive growth. Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

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