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Gravity will help you fast track to THE FUTURE, NATURALLY Powering the next generation of SMART campuses A natural home for the world’s most INNOVATIVE and CONSCIENTIOUS companies The new hub of activity for a cleaner future Promotes partnerships with government, academia, private sector & the community Providing tenants with Dark Fibre A healthy working environment enhanced by NEW technologies

This Is Gravity

A blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future

Delivering a new era of possibility, where companies make a difference socially, economically and environmentally.

Available Space

Gravity is a 616-acre commercial development site with unique flexibility, enabling us to provide computation to suit various bases. 

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Gravity - a blueprint for a smarter cleaner future

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Doing smart business

Enabled by on-site partnerships connecting great minds, technology and like-minded, co-located businesses, Gravity will be a home for game changing ideas and innovation.