Gravity – Look Ahead Summer 2022

Since securing the adoption of the Local Development Order, the team have been continuing to engage with potential occupiers and emphasise the site’s‘ ready state’ for accelerated delivery.

The archaeological investigations have been completed and there is a robust approach to ecological management through the appropriate licencing.

The landscaping of the link road, called Enterprise Way, will take place in Autumn 2022 (the next planting season).

In parallel to this, work is ongoing to set up the systems, processes and delivery team to enable implementation with the Councils.

Early Works comprising site clearance, cut & fill excavation and stockpiling of imported piling mat material and piling mat material crushed on-site, has commenced with the appointment of Kelston Sparkes as Principle Contractor, Ashfield Solutions as Principle Designer and Environmental Clerk of Works, Ecology Solutions as Ecological Clerk of Works, Turner & Townsend as Project Manager and QS, Stantec as Civil Engineer and Cunningham Safety Consultants to provide independent Safety, Health and Environmental Audit Services.
The team is working under the remediation consent, recently modified and approved, to progress the Works and other associated onsite activities, over the summer months.

Onsite Activities

Importing recycled stone
Kelston Sparkes is importing repurposed construction-ready stone from the adjacent National Grid “T Pylon” Construction sites and stockpiling material, all of which will be used in a piling mat as part of the early works programme. Haulage routes will utilise the new Link Road as well as the secondary access to the East of the site, to avoid unnecessary impacts on local communities.

Repurposing existing concrete slab
Kelston Sparks will also be breaking up existing concrete slabs on-site and crushing concrete for reuse in piling mat.

The best use of material between two adjacent major projects and recycling of material on the site is part of a very significant Gravity initiative to Recover, Recycle, Repurpose and Reuse (4R’s) material and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Gravity Development. These recycled materials will enable fast-tracked delivery solutions to potential large-scale occupiers.

What to expect

• Hosting of VIP visitors
• Increased levels of activity on site
• Increased HGV deliveries to site vehicles will be using the purpose-built access road ‘Enterprise Way’ to reduce disruption to local communities

Contact us:

• In event of queries please contact Gravity directly at
• To view our planning documentation please click here.



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