Why the West is Best

why west is best

OK, OK, we didn’t just invent that phrase, but we too want to shout out why we think that the West is Best for business.  Yes, we are biased but there are some strong reasons for saying that.

8 in fact.

Post Brexit and in a post Covid world, we’ve all seen plenty of column inches dedicated to the fact that we have all been busy moving house and taking advantage of the glorious countryside that there is away from the capital and other city centres.  But business too is also busy re-evaluating the need to be city centric and thinking about changing work patterns.

Here are our reasons to consider the South West as a place to work

How Far is Far?

The South West is very well connected.  The region is well connected to the national motorway network via the M5 and M4 motorways. 

In the unlikely event you do need to go back to London, train journeys from Bristol to the capital take a little over 2 hours.  Fast.

The deep water Port of Bristol is one of the fastest growing ports in the UK right now and is currently building a £600m deep sea container terminal (DSCT) at Avonmouth Dock.

The region is served by 3 airports. But why would you leave? Seriously.

It’s all a question of degree

Further education and in particular colleges and universities of serious international worth are to be found in the South West. 

Bridgwater & Taunton College is a world class college of further and higher education. It is the principal delivery arm of the southern hub of the National College for Nuclear and houses the University Centre Somerset. 

Bristol, Bath and Exeter all ranked higher than 15th by The Times and Sunday Times as the best universities in the UK. No small accolade.

The area is literally teaming with young enthusiastic talent. Go figure.

You’re already here

The South West is not just for holidays, although we know why it’s one of the most popular visitor destinations. In research undertaken by leading property agents, JLL, our worlds have been turned upside down and home is now everything. Where we live matters.

With technology as the great enabler, we’ve moved ourselves and found our forever place, and the chances are you have already moved to the great South West.

Frome, Somerset, ranked 6th in the Sunday Times Best Places to Live poll this year and is it any wonder. 

As JLL’s report establishes, Bristol is an evergreen location for relocators because of the diverse life and culture that can be found in the city.  The benefits are all clear to see.  We’re just glad so many of you agree.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger – The Most Connectivity

Bad end to end connectivity, even in the most rural of areas, are set to become a thing of the past.  Regional and central Government investment is in place to iron out the remaining small pockets of poor connectivity.

The South West also sees dark fibre connectivity as the way forward.  A pre-existing underground infrastructure, unused, lying in wait and deemed unlit—or dark. Another dimension taking connectivity over the horizon and further.

And yes, there is dark fibre in the South West.  Think of unleashing the power.

The Human Touch

In figures from the ONS, the South West region ranks 5th in the country for the highest number of degree educated people of working age.  A busy, well educated, interesting and welcoming workforce.

The region is already home to some well-known regional companies who have grown to be international stars in their own right as well as UK based companies you will have heard of.  The South West has increasingly received inward investment from international companies too.

For example, Accord-UK Ltd.  Based in Barnstaple, Devon, with a turnover in excess of £278m, a headcount of over 658, the pharmaceutical giant is involved in the development, manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products to more than 70 countries globally.

Soul in a Bowl

Bring a hearty appetite with you. The South West regional combo of strong agricultural and fishing industries, blended with some high-quality food producers and manufacturers to service internationally world beating restaurants, means there will be no stopping you.

The distance from gate to plate is reduced and of the highest quality. From artisanal to larger concerns, the variety and diversity is endless.  Food in all its glorious forms. Fresh, regional, traceable.  Bring it on.

The Cultural Divide

Move around any part of the region and the culture is literally talking to you.  From a city walking tour of Bristol to see Banksys, to the Tate St Ives, Newlyn School of Art, and Bristol Old Vic, and not forgetting Jane Austen’s historical connections with Bath.

The South West speaks a cultural language that’s distinguished and different. It’s varied, dynamic and diverse.  Feeds the soul…

Bring it Home

And, finally, there’s the exciting new business smart campus This is Gravity

  • Close to the M5
  • Offering dark fibre connectivity
  • Quick access to the deep water Port of Bristol and 3 airports
  • A new railway spur
  • A well educated, eager population
  • Endless possibilities in terms of property design, timing, ownership and occupation

A green, sustainable campus with 616 acres to provide an environmentally conscious business scope to work and live in harmony with the local environment and also foray into the region to enjoy the many unique features the South West has to offer.

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