Gravity join Great Western Freeport bid to stimulate UK manufacturing and create almost 50,000 jobs

On February 5th, The West of England Combined Authority submitted its bid to host a Great Western Freeport that could create up to 50,000 jobs in the region and 90,000 nationally, read the full story here.

Martin Bellamy – CEO, Gravity.

Freeports are exactly what the UK needs right now, they reduce costs and bureaucracy for occupiers, encouraging manufacturing businesses to invest and create new jobs. Freeports are a major opportunity for a post-Brexit UK to increase trade with the US and fast-growing Asian markets at a time when the UK is signing more trade deals with global partners , Gravity stands ready to support and enable the UK increase international trade.

There are already many successful free trading zones around the world, with the most successful Freeports attracting business and creating jobs. The Great Western (Bristol) Freeport has immense opportunity to kick start a new era of British manufacturing, providing sustainable, innovative, long-term jobs that would drive post-Covid Britain’s road to a green recovery. Myself, and the team at Gravity are incredibly proud to play our part in this.

What is a freeport?

Click here for Great Western Freeport brochure

If you are a high-tech/advanced manufacturing business and would like to know how you could benefit from operating in a low-carbon free trading zone, contact.

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