Gravity drives sustainability on-site with a high performing material management strategy

London, September 8, 2020 – Gravity’s Programme Director, Paul Lowndes interviewed Chris Marshall, Director of Ashfield Solutions about the successful implementation of our bespoke material management strategy.

“Our partnership with Ashfield Solutions ensures that Gravity has and continues to recover, reuse, recycle and repurpose all suitable on-site materials. This has significantly reduced disruption in surrounding communities and reduced our carbon footprint.

We hope this strategy and its environmental considerations will guide more low-carbon developments across the UK”. Gravity’s Programme Director, Paul Lowndes

Watch the full interview below.

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About Gravity

Gravity, the UK’s first commercial smart campus, is the blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future – faster. It will deliver a new era of possibility by supporting companies making a difference socially, economically and environmentally, driving the UK’s shift to growing through a cleaner economy.

With direct access to the M5 and accessible by rail, air and sea, the site offers over 616 acres for the creation of millions of sq ft of scalable, flexible and shared working space.

Multinationals and start-ups will benefit from the excellent connectivity and speed of build out Gravity offers. By attracting today’s giants and tomorrow’s unicorns, there will be significant opportunities for collaboration.

With its on-site water provision, renewable and low carbon energy infrastructure and building energy management, dark fibre, excellent transport links, accessible talent pool and knowledge economy including four top-tier universities close by, Gravity provides occupiers with the ability to build, expand, and develop faster and efficiently.

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