Gravity and Bristol Port 5G Connectivity

Gravity is proud to announce that the installation of the 5G infrastructure that connects Bristol Port and the Gravity Smart Campus is now complete. The test bed project is aligned with the Gravity digital ambition to host and progress technological development to enable plans to deliver a clean growth campus to accommodate large-scale advanced manufacturing for the UK to accelerate transition to a net-zero carbon economy.  The work has been developed and delivered by a 12-partner consortium led by the West of England Combined Authority and is one of 30+ such projects funded by central government, under the 5G Testbed and Trials (5GTT) Programme.

Work on-site at Gravity started in April when nearly a kilometre of new digital cable was installed in underground ducts to connect three new 5G transmitter units mounted on 9m masts at strategic locations on the site. In line with the Gravity vision of a “Smarter, cleaner future” an accompanying temporary and portable solar array with battery storage has also been installed to establish if the networks can ultimately be off-grid.

The 5G Logistics project explores how 5G’s high levels of reliability, speed and capacity could deliver new opportunities and improvements to the port and logistics sector. It is designed to deliver solutions in 3 areas of the emerging digital agenda.

  1. Security and traceability through real-time tracking of goods and their condition
  2. Autonomous drone port surveillance and emergency response
  3. Improvements to road traffic management through 5G smart junctions

This project has developed and tested 5G products and services supporting operations between Bristol Port and Gravity Smart Campus.

5G digital coverage now makes it possible to run multiple services securely on one shared network and we anticipate the infrastructure will enable the transition into future construction at the Gravity site and implementation.

The Gravity team is proud to have collaborated with an array of innovative companies and educational institutions from across the South West on this pioneering digital project.

5G Logistics Consortium Partners

Gravity’s commitment to fostering clean and inclusive growth is designed to attract inward investment and large-scale occupiers. The new 5G infrastructure network on-site will undoubtedly add substantial value, opportunity and support to prospective tenants.  

For more information on the 5G Logistics project click this link.

UK businesses are being encouraged to think about what 5G could do for their competitiveness and the skills they will need to take full advantage of the opportunities. You can see what is being trialled or applied in different sectors here.

If you would like to learn more about the 5G Logistics project or how the technology is being used in your sector, please contact indicating:

  • Your specific area(s) of interest
  • If you would like to receive the project’s final report

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