Gravity and Albion Water, working towards a low-carbon water management campus


This is Gravity ltd, the landowner of a 635-acre site at the Heart of the South West have appointed Albion Water as their Water Solutions Partner to help provide water, sewerage and drainage for their new Smart Campus in Somerset.

Gravity is set to be one of Europe’s largest smart campuses, underpinned by clean technology. Gravity’s design – informed through consultation with a team of economic analysts as well as sustainability and environmental specialists – responds to the shifting global trends in consumption, energy use, automation, and digitalisation, creating thousands of long-term jobs. Albion Water’s role as Water Solutions Partner will play a key part of this, as they ensure the provision of:

  • water management system that minimises waste and maximises the recycling of water
  • cost effective, efficient and innovative water solutions

This appointment combines the capabilities of Gravity and Albion Water to allow both entities to capitalise on the strong and accelerating demand for a low-carbon water future on campus, where water users can reduce consumption, recycle and manage water locally.  This will reduce energy usage and associated carbon emissions and ensures local rivers and streams retain more water.

This announcement comes off the back of Gravity’s recent appointment of JLL as commercial agents and their 50-year agreement to develop clean energy solutions with E.ON.

In 2019, the UK became the first major global economy to pledge to be net-zero by 2050 and alongside This is Gravity, E.ON, JLL and Albion Water are supporting the blueprint of how business users can make their net-zero commitments a reality.

Luke de Vial, Managing Director of Albion Water

“We are impressed with the quality of the Gravity team and their plans to make this ground-breaking Smart Campus a new low-carbon standard for industrial development. Through this engagement, we are confident that occupants at Gravity will reduce their environmental impact with a water management system that minimises waste and maximises the recycling of water.”

Paul Lowndes, Project Manager This is Gravity

“We are looking at ways to reduce the need for freshwater as well as be smart about how the occupants at Gravity will use water.  Saving on freshwater can not only significantly reduce our occupants’ carbon footprint, it will also result in a reduction in utilities bills.”


Notes to Editors:

About Gravity

A blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future – faster

Gravity, the UK’s first commercial smart campus, is the blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future – faster. It will deliver a new era of possibility by supporting companies making a difference socially, economically and environmentally, driving the UK’s shift to growing through a cleaner economy.

With direct access to the M5 and accessible by rail,air and sea, the site offers over 635 acres for the creation of millions of sq ft of scalable, flexible and shared working space.

Multinationals and start-ups will benefit from the excellent connectivity and speed of build out Gravity offers. By attracting today’s giants and tomorrow’s unicorns, there will be significant opportunities for collaboration.

With its onsite clean energy and water solutions, dark fibre, excellent transport links, local talent pool and knowledge economy, including four top-tier universities close by, Gravity provides occupiers with the ability to build, expand, and develop faster and efficiently.

About Albion Water

About Albion Water

Albion Water provides cost effective, efficient and innovative water solutions for housing developments and industrial and commercial clients throughout England and Wales.

When Albion Water was licensed by the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) in 1999, it was as the first new entrant to compete against the monopoly water companies in England.

It has established an exemplary quality and environmental record, building a hard-won reputation as a water company prepared to innovate and to promote a better, more responsive water industry.

Legally, they have the same powers and responsibilities as any other water company in England and Wales. Where they differ is in their determination to provide a different level of service to our customers – water, waste water, drainage and wider environmental services, providing a sustainable offering with commercial and environmental benefits to all customers.

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Doing smart business

Enabled by on-site partnerships connecting great minds, technology and like-minded, co-located businesses, Gravity will be a home for game changing ideas and innovation.

  • Since 1990, the UK has cut emissions faster (42%) than any other G7 nation 1
  • Bristol is the UK's Green Capital, and the site is a mere 50-minute commute from the city 2
  • In 2020, the Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion at the University of Bath will open to develop ultra-low emissions vehicles 3