Claire Pearce speaks at ‘Developing Gigafactories- Supporting Britain’s Net Zero Ambitions’ webinar

On January 19th, Gravity’s Director of Planning & Economic Development, Claire Pearce, joined the Built Environment Networks’ ‘Developing Gigafactories’ – supporting Britain’s Net Zero Ambitions webinar.

The event brought together several leading UK organisations that are driving forward the approach on transport decarbonisation, and specifically the transition to electric vehicle manufacturing and the development of large-scale battery manufacturing. According to the Faraday Institution, for the UK to meet its projected domestic battery demand seven battery production sites will be needed by 2040.

Claire highlighted the transformational opportunity of the Gravity 616-acre Enterprise Zone for the South West, as a key location for a highly connected gigasite linked to a high-quality education and training offer, including the retraining and retention of the Hinkley Point C workforce. Gravity has a bespoke local consent in place that enables an agile and fast response to meet occupier need

Events such as these are important to connect businesses and projects to realise benefits from a new era of clean growth and stimulate further economic restructuring and transition to a net zero carbon economy in the UK. They also help the sector gain a wider understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the UK in a competitive and global market place.”

Claire Pearce

About Gravity

Gravity will be the UK’s first commercial smart campus and a blueprint for a ‘cleaner’, smarter future. It aims to attract the world’s most innovative companies working in the ‘clean growth’ sectors.

Expected to create up to 7,500 jobs, the 616-acre Enterprise Zone will be designed to shape connections between people and the places they work, supporting a culture of innovation and wellbeing. It will include diverse, flexible workspaces and resilient technologies along with enhanced transport links to, and within, the surrounding area.

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