Public provides feedback on Gravity consultation

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give us their views on Gravity’s vision and future plans to create a smart campus delivering thousands of high-quality jobs.

You can find out more about how we engaged the community here and catch up with our webinar from July.

People have given us their views over the last few months in different ways – in person, online and by email. During this time, we have connected with people online and offline and had many conversations.

The feedback we have received has shown strong levels of support and provided us with some useful feedback to consider too.

Some of the feedback shared during the consultation is below.

Your feedback on Gravity

During the recent consultation, we asked a number of questions about the Gravity proposals and ambitions for the future, which were filled out online and on survey forms. These responses are summarised below.

Q: Having explored the information on our emerging proposals what is your view on Gravity’s aspiration for the former ROF site?

85% of survey respondents stated their support for Gravity’s ambition to create a smart campus and host a new range of businesses where occupiers can make a difference socially, economically, and environmentally.

Q: We want to replace the jobs lost when the ROF closed and create 4,000+ new well paid permanent jobs for the future. What is your view on this?

96% of respondents said they supported Gravity’s aim to create thousands of permanent and high-quality jobs in net-zero / advanced manufacturing sectors.

Q: We are responding to the climate emergency through the way we are designing and planning to build the new campus but also in attracting industries focusing on net-zero growth and the technology of the future. What is your view on this?

96% of respondents said they approved of Gravity’s aim to respond to the climate emergency through its sustainable design and plans for building the new campus.

Q: Gravity is seeking to create the best conditions to attract a high-quality occupier(s) to Sedgemoor as a key destination in the UK. These conditions must help us compete against other sites, regions and countries. They can also benefit local communities through direct and indirect job creation. What conditions would you like to see at Gravity to be an attractive place for a business to locate to? (Please tick as many as you would like)

The percentage of respondents highlighting each condition is listed in the table below.

Answer %
Workforce development – providing employment and training opportunities for local people 92%
Appropriate infrastructure e.g. transport, energy, water 92%
Leisure and Wellbeing Facilities 73%
Facilities and services for campus business visitors 50%
Accommodation for visitors and the workforce 62%
Travel management and choices to reduce the need to travel 77%
Improved landscaping and biodiversity 77%
Community facilities 69%
Rail transport – passengers 88%
Rail transport - freight 73%
Electric vehicle charging 73%

Q: We want to create new connections and infrastructure to provide sustainable transport options. What new or improved transport options would you like to see? (Please tick as many as you would like)

The percentage of respondents highlighting each condition is listed in the table below.

Answer %
Safe and pleasant walking and cycling routes 96%
Space and routes for horse riders 35%
Improved buses 62%
Restored passenger train services 92%
Car sharing options 35%
Electric vehicle charge points 69%

Thank you

Thank you to all those who have taken the time to engage and give us their views. As ever, if you have any questions we’d love to hear from you.

Next steps

We will submit our LDO to Sedgemoor District Council for consideration shortly. The council will then formally consult the public in autumn 2021 before making a decision later this year.

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