Here you can find detailed information about Gravity and download key project documents. 

Work in progress

LDO Delivery Meeting - July 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - May 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - April 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - March 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - Feb 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - Jan 2021
LDO Delivery Meeting - Nov 2020
LDO Delivery Meeting - Oct 2020

Existing Consent

Section 106 Agreement
Framework Local Labour Agreement
Strategic Design Codes
Strategic Landscape Masterplan


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Section 106 Obligation
Gravity Operator form
Gravity Memorandum of Understanding
Project Charter
Gravity ESG Approach
Clean and Inclusive Growth Strategy
LDO Proposal
Gravity Digital Vision
Ecology Baseline Survey Report
Stantec - A Guide to Use Classes


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Enabled by on-site partnerships connecting great minds, technology and like-minded, co-located businesses, Gravity will be a home for game changing ideas and innovation.