Local Development Order

Gravity is committed to clean and inclusive growth. 

We need to adapt plans approved in 2017 for the site to meet these goals and to reflect the full enterprise zone status.

We are working with our partners to shape new proposals for a smart campus and community. These improved plans will include; a focus on attracting new employers in clean sectors fit for the future; providing sustainable energy solutions; creating net zero carbon homes for the workforce; and building better transport and digital connections.  

Health, wellbeing and inclusion will be at the heart of the high-quality designed campus, with an emphasis on public accessibility and leisure provision. The natural landscape will frame and complement our proposals. Gravity will also look outwards to the wider area to help build social value through working with schools and colleges – inspiring future careers and shaping new training opportunities. 

All these proposals will be set out in a Local Development Order (LDO) for the site. An LDO is simply another form of planning permission. Instead of being restricted to one fixed project, it sets overall standards and guidelines for a development to evolve. In this way, an LDO provides more clarity and certainty around the vision for, and quality of, a site. In the case of Gravity, it also supports the government’s marketing of the Enterprise Zone to investors from across the world, putting Sedgemoor at the heart of a green economic recovery and accelerating positive action to address climate change.

Our ambition is to work with partners to collaborate and support Sedgemoor District Council to adopt the LDO by the end of 2021. Before the council adopts the LDO, it will formally consult the public – a process that is currently underway, click here for more information. 


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